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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  March 14, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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now the country is rocked by a second nuclear power plant explosion. the radiation risk and how the u.s. is taking action. plus, bart back on track. the all-night race to clear a train derailment in the east bay. where things stand for the morning commute. hi, everybody. it's monday, march 14. i'm frank mallicoat. >> and i'm elizabeth wenger. sydnie kohara is off. let's take a quick trick -- [ laughter ] >> boy, we're all over the place. >> must be from daylight saving today. >> our iphones didn't work. >> let's look at weather and traffic. julie, save us, would you, please? it's 5 a.m. >> chalk it up to the iphone. there is no 2 a.m. on the iphone. that's my excuse. here's scattered showers starting off damp but mild today. some wert and cooler changes on the way. in the meantime out the door, look at this. a line of scattered showers stretching all the way from the golden gate relate up the i-80
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corridor through fairfield and beyond. we'll see scattered showers through the morning and dry out this afternoon. i have more on that coming up. first a check of the roads with gianna. >> my android had no problem this morning. i'm just saying. nothing against the iphone! look out for limited visibility. this is the golden gate bridge. use caution. chp issued a fog advisory for the richmond/san rafael bridge. live look not too bad through here but again parts of contra costa are affected so two hands on the steering wheel this morning and flooding to report. that's coming up in a few minutes. back to you guys. >> thank you. just about 30 minutes ago, bart got back into full operations after a train derailment stopped some east bay service. it happened near the concord station yesterday morning and sharon chin is in the east bay with the last-minute fixes. good morning, sharon. >> reporter: good morning, elizabeth. we got the official word about an hour ago that no need for the backup plan, no need for
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the contingency plan. bart operating on a normal schedule this morning. crews through the night have been able to lift the derailed train off the tracks and complete the repairs so that the first train could leave concord at around 4:00 this morning. two of ten cars jumped the tracks. engineers say they don't know if track work played a role. >> there was some work in the area, some track work in the area. we were single tracking around it. this is the first train to start single tracking around the work. and when it was crossing over to go into the single tracking mode that's when the slow speed derailment happened. >> reporter: when the train got to concord, 65 passengers on board were told that there would be a short delay because
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of track work. then the passengers say it started shaking back and forth as the train derailed slowly. three passengers went to the hospital with back injuries. police who happened to be on the platform helped firefighters evacuate passengers. now bart, had been planning for a backup plan using bus bridges instead but had got their repair work in time so this weekday morning bart is on a normal schedule, good news for commuters. >> thank you, sharon chin in concord. 5:03. now to our other top story this morning. japanese utilities say fuel rods in a reactor of a damaged nuclear power plant have been fully exposed. more than 200,000 people have been evacuated from the area around that plant. an explosion there today injured 11 people. nuclear regulatory commission does not think, though that that contamination will reach our shores here in the u.s. and more than 10,000 people
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are feared dead from the earthquake and tsunami in japan. more than 1800 are confirmed dead. more than 1400 are still missing. large areas of the countryside are still surrounded by water and mud. one local effect the damaged santa cruz harbor that will stay closed until next weekend. 18 boats sank and 100 others were damaged when the waves came in after the 8.9 quake in japan. so far two sunken vessels have been recovered and this morning crews are evaluating the damaged and prioritizing boat recovery efforts based on the risk of pollution. the coast guard is enforcing a safety zone meaning boats cannot travel through it. but owners do have access now to their vessels.
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it is 5:04. let's check weather and traffic. first julie watts. >> good morning. scattered showers out the door this morning. fog along the coast. so be mindful of that and across some bridges. very light scattered showers lingering throughout the morning hours. a closer look. light rainfall from the west to the east. as we move to the second half of the day we'll start to see things drying out. but another weather system waiting off in the pacific tapping into that subtropical moisture and we'll talk more about that coming up in a bit. the one thing that you may look forward to, mild temperatures, drying out this afternoon. starting off 60s this morning and so staying mild into the afternoon. some spots flirting with 70 degrees later today. more on that coming up but first a check of traffic with gianna. >> we have some flooding to
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deal with this morning. first of all, through marin county, 101 right at lucky drive no lanes are blocked we are seeing nice speeds according to our sensors. 71 miles per hour, but slick surfaces and flooding in the right lanes so take it easy on the southbound side. northbound not too bad, some delays. golden gate bridge fog advisory in effect some limited visibility. so far traffic up to speed across the span. also reports of flooding in the city in san francisco at fremont and howard. sfpd is on scene trying to take care of that. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights off. slick surfaces so use caution crossing the span in san francisco. back to you. >> thank you. right now in the south bay hundreds of college students are about to get on buses heading for the state capital. christin ayers explains that students are concerned about
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funding cuts and higher tuition. >> reporter: good morning. this is all part of a mass march on sacramento today. thousands of students are expected at the state capital to protest education cut. you can see the buses lined up behind me. 300 students here and hundreds of other students at evergreen valley community college will be boarding these buses around 6 a.m. to go and make sure that their voices are heard. they will be talking to legislators about some of the problems that they faced already with budget cuts. i just had a chance to speak to the college president and also to a couple of students who will be speaking before the legislature today. they said in some way, the cuts have been official to students and that they have really mobilized students here on campus. >> i think the best thing i seen is that students have become more active and have been mobilizing to voice their opinions and address their concerns so that might be significant and good thing out
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of all this. >> reporter: so the one positive thing coming out of here students actually feeling like they have the ability to really speak up in defense of education. that's what they will be doing at the state capital today, speaking to legislators, rallying outside the capital and trying to make their voices heard before governor brown's budget comes out in the face of possibly very severe budget cuts. frank. >> yeah, some tough times and i imagine the students are feeling it just like everybody else. okay, christin ayers, live in san jose, thank you. time now is 5:08. did pg&e skirt federal regulations? how the agency is accused of writing its own rules when it comes to crucial pipeline inspections. plus a wikileaks copycat? what secret documents claim to reveal about a corruption in america's largest bank. coming up. ♪
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welcome back to the "early edition." waking up to some damp but mild conditions. scattered showers throughout the bay. you can see these showers passing through from pacifica, san bruno, south san francisco and you can expect light rainfall and scattered showers throughout much of the morning. when it will taper off and when we'll see our next round of soaking rain, that's coming up in just a bit. thank you, julie. a published report this morning says pg&e distorted federal rules stow could avoid costly inspections -- so it could avoid costly inspections on natural gas pipeline including those in san bruno. the "chronicle" says starting in 2008 the utility tested for weld problems on its older lines only if pressure spiked above legal caps by 10%. but federal regulations require
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inspections when a pipeline's pressure level exceeds safety standards by even the slightest amount. pg&e lifted the 10% rule from a separate regulation covering extraordinary circumstances. a young girl is dead, her mother under arrest, for what authorities are calling a botched murder-suicide. a child care provide for the child, who is disabled, found the mother and daughter inside the garage of a home in santa monica on friday. both were inside -- in san leandro on friday. both were inside the car with the engine running. the girl died at the hospital. the mother, 53-year-old christel johnson is expected to survive. it is 5:12 now. lawmakers and law enforcement turned out this week in a show of their respect for two sacramento people brutally attacked just 10 days ago. services at a temple yesterday included prayers for a man critically injured and his
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friend killed by someone who assumed they were muslim. they were sikh. >> whether they can prove at this point whether it was a hate crime or not it seems it was motivated by the fact that these two were wear turbans. >> funeral for the murdered man was saturday night. police are still looking for suspects and leads in the case. the time now is 5:13. japan races to prevent a nuclear disaster. >> going live to tokyo with the latest on the radiation risk for a second plant explosion there and some of the amazing survival stories all coming from that tsunami. when we come back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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i'm here to tell you that big tobacco hasn't changed. they continue to profit... by selling kids the same lies... to get them to use... the same deadly products. don't be big tobacco's next victim. earquake and tsunami tore japan's prime minister is calling it the worst crisis since world war ii. days after an earthquake and tsunami tore through the country, japan is now scrambling to prevent a nuclear disaster. there's been a second hydrogen explosion at a nuclear plant now in just three days. charlie d'agata joins us live from tokyo. i guess i should say good evening to you. what's the latest on the nuclear situation there now? >> reporter: and good morning to you, frank and elizabeth. the latest is, and this is
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moving along all the time, you know that first explosion took place at a reactor over the weekend on saturday. now we have had a second explosion at a second reactor. so it's in the same facility, and that, the same sort of situation. it was a build-up of hydrogen gas. the same thing happened again today that happened saturday. that's moved along. now a number 2. so the third reactor is undergoing the same sort of stresses. what's happened is the pumps in the cooling system have failed. the electricity is sporadic so it is now starting to build up pressure in the same sort of way, the build-up of hydrogen gas. having said that the government is doing all they can the people of japan that the gas cloud that's being released from these reactors doesn't contain anything that's overly
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dangerous, as they say, accepted levels of radiation... they have evacuated 180,000 people from the area, a 12-mile exclusion zone and certainly everybody here is concerned about the potential risk. >> charlie, we know that the death toll continues to climb. the latest estimates are about 10,000 people. but i understand that you have also heard some pretty amazing survival stories, as well. >> reporter: yes. there have been amazing survival stories. and i think we also have to add the government says that they have been able to rescue 10,000 survivors. you may have seen a 60-year-old guy who was rescued 12 miles out to sea clinging to his roof. he said he went back saw the tsunami coming went back to his house and then it came rushing in and they were able to save him, people that were trapped on a school -- hundreds of
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people who were plucked to safety. so in amongst all this death and destruction, there are extraordinary tales of survival. and, you know, we hope to hear more of that in the coming days. >> charlie d'agata, he is live in tokyo this morning. charlie, thank you very much. we appreciate it. well, you can find continuing coverage of the japan quake including a slide show of the bay area tsunami damage. it is all at well, we are starting off damp this morning with mild temperatures out the door. take a look at hi-def doppler. you can see scattered showers throughout the bay, a closer look showing that we are seeing these showers very light in nature. but widespread in some areas moving east. you're taking a closer look near alameda and oakland, very light rainfall through san leandro, as well. expect this throughout the morning hours. as we turn to our planner, you will see that showers are the
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story throughout much of the morning. we have some fog along the coast and mild temperatures areawide. in fact, temperatures ranging in the low to upper 40s for some spots so nice and mild out the door. mild this afternoon with highs in the 60s. some of them 69 degrees in some of the warmest spots flirting with 70 degrees. we will dry things out for the most part. lingering showers throughout the day with breaks of sun making way for partly cloudy skies later on today. a mix of sun and clouds. and again mild, high surf advisory later on this morning for the coast so keep that in mind if you're taking the boat out today. throughout the week, you're going to see showers off and off pretty much almost every day. today will likely be the driest. so starting off damp and mild today. we have another weathermaker in the wings tapping into the subtropical moisture coming in tomorrow morning. much like this weekend's storm system, i don't know if i would call it a storm but much like this weekend's rain, it will start off in the north bay and
5:21 am
gradually spread south on tuesday, lingering showers wednesday and thursday and next big rain event friday. mild temperatures today pretty much areawide again warmest spots like campbell, san jose, los gatos, flirting with that 70-degree mark. you will city gray skies throughout much of the bay. 67 pleasant hill, 65 antioch today. heading north same story, lingering showers in the morning, drying out in the last half of the day. 64 novato. seven-day forecast shows scattered showers today, the driest day of the week. rain begins tuesday morning, soggy especially for the north bay spreading south throughout the day. wednesday and thursday slight chance of showers for pretty much everyone. i think we'll see a little rain wednesday and thursday off and on. friday the next big soaker. and look how temperatures drop. we could even see a little bit of snow if the weather pattern holds on some of the highest
5:22 am
elevations, some of the local mountains not going to see it at sea level by any means but cooler temperatures and lingering showers through the weekend. for the morning commute, here's gianna. >> thank you. even with the wet roads not a lot of accidents. unfortunately, we are dealing with flooding the major problem right now for your morning commute. flooding on fremont street near howard in the southwest corner. san francisco police department is on scene to get it drained. so expect slight delays around the area. 101 through marin county, flooding reported near lucky drive. lanes are open but they have cms signs activated. a live look at the golden gate bridge a fog advisory is in effect and slick surfaces here as well so limited visibility. take it slow out of the waldo tunnel across the span into san francisco. elsewhere, again, here's a look at 101 where we are seeing some flooding on 101 near lucky drive. we also have a richmond/san rafael bridge shot here where we have a fog advisory in effect. this portion looking okay but there are parts where there is
5:23 am
very limited visibility. chp has the advisory about 15, 20 minutes ago. live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. no delays, 18 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. still very light looking good across the upper deck into san francisco. san mateo bridge problem-free a quick ride between 880 and 101, about 13 to 14 minute. southbound 880 clear all the way hayward into the south bay. mass transit right on time, bart no troubles to report despite that train derailment sunday. things between pleasant hill and concord all on time. remember our radio partners, kcbs 740-am and 106.9-fm. back to you. >> thank you. the owners of the fairmont hotel in san francisco may get an extension to build on a plan or extension on a plan to build condominiums. >> the fairmont lost business because a lot of hotel activity in the city is shifted south of
5:24 am
market. they want to build some condos. now mayor ed lee is asking the supervisors to get more time for approval from the planning commission. 5:24. allegations of corruption and mortgage fraud at the country's biggest bank. the classified e-mails a group of hackers just leaked out. >> and did you wake up late this morning? [ laughter ] >> or just wake up period? >> it's only 5:24. why your iphone may to be blame and it wouldn't be the first time. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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any last wishes? new selsun blue deep cleansing micro-bead scrub goes to the source wiping out flakes before they flake. new selsun blue deep cleansing. moment the earthquake struck in japan the 8-point-nine magnitude some shocking new images of the moment the earthquake struck in japan. here's a look here. the 8.9 magnitude tremor split the road. you can see it right here. just in two. you can see the cracks move as the quake just continues to devastate that area. the dell toll continues to climb. 2800 confirmed dead and another 1,000 bodies washed ashore. newly released satellite images reveal the scope of the damage, the disaster in japan. one of the images of the fukushima nuclear plant, a second hydrogen explosion there in three days. 11 workers were injured in
5:28 am
today's blast. another hacker group is making a wikileaks style revelation today. the group called anonymous released what it says are e- mails from bank of america. it says it exposes corruption and fraud from b. of a. and improper home foreclosures. a bank spokesman says the documents were stolen by the former employee of an insurance division that the bank is selling. this morning, apple has yet to comment on the latest iphone glitch. >> some phones jumped an hour back instead of forward on sunday morning. their phones didn't change to daylight saving time. on new year's day a problem with the clock prevented alarms from sounding causing people to oversleep. >> it was a glitch today too. >> i didn't use it yesterday. so i just noticed it this morning. when i was checking out the
5:29 am
alarm. >> you didn't oversleep. >> i'm here, baby. [ laughter ] a new warning if you plan to donate online to the victims of the tsunami in japan. coming up. >> and the deceptive links to watch out for on facebook. a bart train derails in the east bay. the all night push to clear the tracks and get things rolling again for the morning commute. and they have signs, they have banners like this one. we'll tell you why these students are all set and ready to march on sacramento. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. and good morning, it's monday, march 14. spring a week away. that's good news. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm elizabeth wenger. sydnie kohara is off. time now 5:32. let's start with a quick check of your weather and traffic. we have monday a time change and rain kind of a rough start to the monday morning. >> it is a rough start. you throw in that whole iphone thing with no 2 a.m. alarm and, we're all trying to catch up here. scattered showers the story outside this morning out the door. you will likely notice damp roads, pretty much everywhere. alameda seeing some light rain pass through now. same store which are san leandro. all these showers are passing off to the east and we'll see this continuing throughout much of the morning. drying out later on today. your full forecast is coming
5:33 am
up. first how these showers are affecting the roads. with that gianna and traffic. >> 10-minute bart delays. this is not related to the train derailment yesterday between pittsburg, bay point and concord. all that portion is on time. this is actually due single tracking and an equipment problem. 10 to 15 minutes should be wrapped up in the next few minutes. we have foggy conditions out there and slick surfaces. live look at the golden gate bridge. more on that coming up. back to you guys. >> thank you. bart back on track this morning in concord after a derailment shut down service near the concord station yesterday morning after 9 a.m. when two cars left the tracks as the train was pulling out of the concord station heading towards sfo. passengers say they had been told the train would be delayed because of some work on the tracks. >> it started going after the
5:34 am
delays, it started shaking back and forth like, you know, moving around and it almost felt like we were going over stuff. and one of the ladies that was sitting next to me was like, i don't think we should be moving right now. she started getting up and being loud. so then i guess that's when we all started panicking. >> the concord station is open again this morning after being closed throughout the day yesterday. bart had a bus bridge set up to take passengers around the derailment and was ready to run buses again today if the tracks had not been fixed in time. more problems today at a damaged nuclear power plant in japan. more than 200,000 people have been evacuated from the area around that plant. the latest problem, fuel rods at one of the plants reactors were temporarily exposed. they are using sea water to cover the rods again. meanwhile earlier today 11 workers were hurt at a hydrogen explosion at another reactor at the plant. more than 10,000 people are feared dead from the earthquake
5:35 am
and tsunami in japan. 1800 are confirmed dead so far. and more than 1400 more are missing. search-and-rescue crews cannot reach large areas of the countryside that are still surrounded by water. as for radioactivity reaching the united states from japan, experts say it is not likely. >> even if there were a significant relief, it would be dispersed probably before it came to the united states. but at the present time, it seems unlikely there will be major radioactive release. >> the u.s. military has moved ships and aircraft away from the plant after low level radioactive contamination was detected. santa cruz harbor will be closed until next weekend. it was damaged in the tsunami. just some of the incredible video here. 18 boats sank and about 100 were damaged when the wave came in after that 8.9 quake in
5:36 am
japan. two sunken vessels have now been recovered. crews are evaluating the damaged area and are prioritizing boat recovery efforts based on the risk of pollution of those boats. the coast guard is enforcing a safety zone, meaning boats cannot travel through it but owners do have access to the vessels now. k-9 search teams from sacramento could soon be heading off to japan. members of the fire department and california task force 7 are training just in case they are needed. if fema calls them to help, firefighters say they will have to be at travis air force base outside of fairfield in just six hours. >> i hope we do go because i know that if we get over there, you know, in a decent amount of time, there is a difference. these guys can make the difference. >> dogs from sacramento have helped out during hurricane katrina and the oklahoma city bombing. they were also on standby after the network haiti. find continuing coverage of the japan quake including a
5:37 am
slide show of the bay area tsunami damage all at our website, time now 5:37. let's get another check of your forecast. let's go over to julie. i see that green moving in here on your doppler radar. >> i think it looks more ominous than it is. we are not talking about a soccer but definitely damp heading into work this morning. we see scattered showers throughout the bay area. let take a closer look at some spots. we are seeing those scattered showers this morning heading to the east bay just to the east of walnut creek. you can see very light rainfall and we'll continue to see this scattery damp nature throughout the morning. this afternoon drier. can't rule out scattered showers throughout the day today. mild out the door this morning. 59 in mountain view, 57 in redwood city and 58 in oakland. 55 right now in fairfield. these temperatures stay mild throughout the day today warming up into the 60s. more on what to expect later today and throughout your workweek coming up but first a
5:38 am
check of traffic with gianna. >> all right. we have our first reports of an accident on 101 at yerba buena in the southbound side of the direction of 101. couple of cars tangled up here. no lanes are blocked. all the activity to the right shoulder and no injuries. so should only take a few minutes to clear out of the way. the rest of the south bay checking in problem-free. live look at milpitas 880/237 no delays. bart delays about 10 to 15 minutes, they are single tracking trains in both directions at the montgomery and west oakland stations. again, not related to yesterday's train derailment. 10- to 15-minute delays for bart in the area. should be wrapping up in the next few minutes. ace, muni, caltrain on time. a fog advisory this morning. live look at the golden gate bridge. limited visibility so use caution. that's a look at your morning drive. back to you guys. >> okay, thank you, gianna. budget cuts, tuition hikes. hundreds of community college students in the south bay say enough is enough. now they are about to head to sacramento and christin ayers is in san jose and they have a
5:39 am
message for state lawmakers. good morning, christin. you have a big crowd behind you. >> reporter: the crowd is definitely building. the energy is building. in half hour these college students will be boarding buses on the way to sacramento. you can see the crowd here, dozens of students with signs and banner. they are getting on the buses to go to sacramento where they will be making their voices heard about state budget cuts, education cuts and way it's affected them over the years and how governor brown's budget could have the same effect. they will urging legislators to vote yes on the tax extension building and to get online with the california dream act. a number of issueses they will be preparing today. they are trying to get some signs together and to get students corralled and ready to g thousands of students will be gathering at the capital today. and they told me this is really
5:40 am
an opportunity to have their voices heard about the issues that are affecting them directly. >> i think the best thing i have seen is that students have become more active and have actually gone to mobilize to voice their opinions and address their concerns. so i think that might be a significant and good thing out of all of this. >> reporter: so the one good thing that student saying has really allowed students to sort of mobilize and again, right back out here if you take a look here, students getting fired up and ready to go to sacramento. you can kind of hear them making some noise and really getting ready to go and try and make a difference at the state capital today. again, a day of action, part of a day of action for education today and community colleges wanting to be part of that day of action. back to you guys. >> a lot of energy out there. already, thank you, christin ayers live for us this morning in san jose. thanks. a published report this morning says pg&e distorted federal rules so that it could
5:41 am
avoid costly inspections on natural gas lines including the one in san bruno. the "chronicle" says starting in 2008 the utility tested for weld problems on its older lines only if pressure had spiked above legal caps by 10% but federal regulations require inspections when a pipeline pressure level exceeds safety standards by even the slightest amount. this comes as pg&e faces a deadline of tomorrow to provide records to the puc proving that its transmission lines are safe. and pg&e now says it will cover the cost of investigations into last fall's deadly pipeline explosion in san bruno. the utility has filed papers with the california public utilities commission indicating it would reimburse the commission for its expenses. if the commission's findings trigger additional investigations, the utility says it will cover those costs, as well. a manhunt this morning for an inmate who escaped from a detention facility in solano
5:42 am
county. 30-year-old nathan simpson was last seen around 9:30 last night at the delta conservation camp east of suisun city. he is 6'1", 150 pounds, wearing orange colored jeans and an orange shirt. simpson had been serving time for vehicle theft. 5:42 on a monday. we know gas prices are high around the bay area, but for the airlines it's worse. the dramatic move one carrier is taking to save a couple of bucks. plus the show must go on for charlie sheen. how he is taking his bizarre behavior on the road. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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5:44 am
welcome back to the "early edition." get ready for showers on the way to work. see what i mean from hi-def
5:45 am
doppler. scattered showers areawide. a closer look shows us they are light in nature and passing through quickly. a large cell through san leandro stretching from the bay across the 880 corridor and the 80 corridor, as well. we'll see light showers like this throughout the morning hours making way for partly cloudy skies this afternoon. this morning, cloudy, showers, mild temperatures, fog at the coast. temperatures now in the 50s for the most part and staying mild into the afternoon hours. we see highs into the 50s topping out near 70 for some of the warmest spots. we'll see a mix of sun and clouds. high surf advisory in effect later on today by the bay. and, of course, out on the ocean, as well. again, mix of sun and clouds, so not totally sunny but not quite as wet as you see right now after this damp mild start. getting ready for another weathermaker making its way on in for tuesday morning's commute. this weekend starting off in the north bay and spreading
5:46 am
those showers to the south. in the meantime, we do see things drying up throughout the day today. highs in the upper 60s with some of the warmest spots like cupertino, campbell and los gatos. head together east bay similar temperatures but a little cooler. mid-60s for most folks here. 53 in berkeley, 64 in alameda. north bay temperatures in the same range a little cooler, although by the coast stinson beach at 59, 52 mill valley, 64 novato. seven-day forecast shows a chance of showers pretty much every day this week. today may actually be the driest of the workweek. as we head into tuesday, again showers for the morning commute. starting in the north bay spreading their way throughout the day for pretty much the rest of the bay. scattered showers the possibility wednesday into thursday. the next weathermaker, if the pattern holds looks like a good soaker on friday, continuing into this weekend. check traffic with gianna. bart delays montgomery and
5:47 am
west oakland single tracking trains, 10- to 15-minute delays. other mass transit problem- free. we are dealing with slick surfaces out there so a couple of new accidents to report. northbound 17 at redwood estates chp working on a wreck that's blocking lanes. debris in the roads. so we are seeing slight delays in the area. give yourself some extra time. also, in san jose, north 101 yerba buena noninjury accident, green on the sensors so no delays. fog advisory on the golden gate bridge but we have been monitoring this camera and you can see it's starting to lift a bit so things looking a lot better through in area. south 101 clear through waldo tunnel across the bridge clear into san francisco. the rest of the bay area bridges problem-free. light at the toll plaza. you can see traffic not too badly. looks like we might have a stalled vehicle there car very
5:48 am
slow and go through that portion so just keep your eyes peeled for that. both directions of the san mateo bridge, problem-free. clear 880, 101 and through hayward. westbound 580 busy between the altamont pass to 680. back to you. >> thank you. here's a check of today's top stories. rebels are losing ground in libya. leader moammar qaddafi's forces have driven the anti-government rebels away from positions they captured during the recent uprising. more than 10,000 people are feared dead from the earthquake and tsunami in japan. today, many survivors are having trouble finding food and water. there was another explosion today at a damaged nuclear power plant. 200,000 people are evacuated from around that plant. er ban rescue teams from the u.s. -- urban rescue teams
5:49 am
are arriving from the u.s. and one from los angeles. they are joining similar groups from britain and germany with supplies and k-9s. the japan stock market dropped more than 630 points or about 6.3% since the tsunami and earthquake. japan's central bank injected about $184 billion into the money market to stabilize the country's financial system. the bay area is already raising money to help those in j the owners of ibusu restaurant says it will donate part of the proceeds from the four restaurants to help those in japan. other groups the japanese community center in san francisco, the red cross and the national buddhist churches of america are also helping. be careful if you donate online. spammers have posted deceptive links on facebook. a bogus the one says tsunami
5:50 am
crashes whale into japan. the link is posted on your wall continuing the spokesman cycle stealing your money. contact the website security team if you see that. united airlines may ground some jets to save money or fuel. the carrier says it burns $25,000 of fuel every minute. it's considering taking some less efficient jets out of the fleet. jet fuel is one of the largest costs for an airline, the price up 28% so far this year. if you like to take naps during the day get some shut. >> i. researchers say snoozing can help boost your memory. tests subjects slept for 100 minutes before taking a quiz. they scored 20% better compared to people who didn't nap. >> i have discovered on this shift we talk a lot about sleep. [ laughter ] >> sleep and coffee. are you a good-napper? >> no, i'm not. >> neither am i. >> when you nap, it's over. when you wake up, you start your day all over. >> some people can do powe
5:51 am
naps. you need to be a good sleeper on this shift. >> you need to get to bed earlier. it happened again. the iphone glitch. customers are fuming about it, etch the alarm. >> people sleeping in too late yesterday morning because of that. plus there is more of charlie sheen to go around. we are not done with him yet. the one man show that he is taking on the road. intensive healing eczema lotion. l cortizone0 the power of cortizone-10 plus restora helps heal my symptoms.
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can i see how the cow get milked?" [ children shouting ] you should see the eyes of the kids in the barn. when the cows give their milk. or even i squirt milk to the kids. they actually love it. you know where the milk come from! all right, whoa! smokin'! [ children shriek ] [ female announcer ] meet the families behind real california dairy at
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when n-c-a-a teams were chosen yesterday, no school from the bay area was invited. "ohhh" the bracket is all set for march madness. not one school from the bay area was invited yesterday. >> out of the west coast conference, the bulldogs of gonzaga. the coach makes it 12 straight ncaa tournament appearance with the bulldogs. >> well, that's your reaction from st. mary's of moraga after being left out of the tournament. they made the sweet sixteen last year. it's the first time since 1991, 10 years, no bay area team has made it to the big dance. you snooze, you lose. an iphone glitch has some usingers experiencing daylight saving deja vu. some phones actually jumped back an hour yesterday instead of springing forward. it's not the first time they have had a glitch on the alarm.
5:55 am
on new year's day another glitch kept alarms from going off causing people to oversleep. charlie sheen is taking his bizarre behavior on the road. the actor announced he will perform a one-man show based on his life next month. it is called, charlie sheen live, my violent torpedo of truth. [ laughter ] >> so far two dates have been announced, one in detroit, one in chicago. apparently they are sold out. >> i thought we were done. you know? we had two weeks of charlie. >> we ran out of lindsay lohan news. so this is next. let's check out your forecast now with julie. i guess. >> keep those umbrellases left handy for a week. showers tapering off later today. temperatures mild, staying mild throughout the day. today the driest day of the
5:56 am
week. we see rain passing through beginning tuesday morning. scattered showers, lingering wednesday into thursday. next round of rain much better soaker looks like it's going to move through friday if the weather pattern holds. and then saturday and sunday, lingering showers there, as well. we'll talk more about this coming up in the next hour. in the meantime a check of the morning commute. here's gianna. >> we are dealing with bart delays this morning 10 to 15 minutes. they are single tracking trains between montgomery and west oakland stations so both directions 10- to 15-minute delays. the rest of the system is on time. restored as well between pleasant hill and concord no delays in that area. elsewhere reports of a couple of slow spots. westbound 4 getting busy this morning. seeing red here on the screens so speeds less than 25 miles per hour as you work your way off the antioch bridge. live look at the antioch bridge and steady flow of cars off the span there. couple of accidents to report due to the wet weather. northbound 17 at redwood estates. this is blocking lanes so expect delays there. that's a look at traffic. back to you guys.
5:57 am
>> thank you. in the next half hour, a second hydrogen explosion at a nuclear plant in japan. the major problem with rescue efforts in a live report from the earthquake damaged country. coming up. thousands of students getting ready to march on sacramento. we'll tell you what their message is for legislators. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:58 am
5:59 am
your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado this morning, more trouble at a nuclear plant in japan and the rescue relief and recovery operations under way. >> a major scare after a bart train derails. overnight fix and the new delays you may face this morning. good morning, it's monday, march 14. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm el
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